Roger and Maree’s amazing adventure!

7 10 2009


After a trial run in NZ we have decided to ‘Blog’ our trip again. This is a way for us to keep a diary and bore a whole lot of people all at once.

So we are up to the countdown! Only two more sleeps and we’re on our way! Thats the theory anyway. Having attempted to arrange this South East Asia holiday on the cheap by doing it ourselves we are yet to test whether its all going to come together 🙂


We could be in this sort of predicament… but maybe that would be better than some of the long stopovers we will be having both going and coming 😦

And let’s hope we don’t need this! malaysian2




5 responses

9 10 2009

book hook or by crook i’ll be the first to leave a coment in this book (or web spot)

have a great time.

9 10 2009
Peter V

I’ve put my seatbelt on, thanks for the invitation to come along. I shall enjoy this trip together with you.
I’m taking a deep breath and oi here we go!
Enjoy it well, God bless, Peter V

10 10 2009
Deborah Wiley

I loved reading your NZ blog so am really looking forward to this one. Have a wonderful time and let us know all the little interesting bits and pieces.
Love to you both,

10 10 2009

am with you all the way safe journeying,much love ..mum

11 10 2009
Paul Arnott

Hey Guys

Have a great trip.

Try the whole fish with chilli sauce. It’s superb.

Praying safe safe travel for you.

Don’t carry handbags over your shoulder in the street. A friend in Bangkok was robbed recently while walking on the footpath.


Paul and Rosanne.

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