Da Nang

16 10 2009

Thursday 15/10/09

You would think that a cold shower would be welcome after a long hot day, especially with temperature at bed time hovering at 30 C and the humidity at 89%, but it isn’t.

China Beach

China Beach

I think it’s because ones body is so hot there’s too great a shock to the skin. It’s like when you were a child and taking for ever to get under the water when you went for a swim. You know it would be better to get it over with and dive in but you can’t bring yourself to do it. A cold shower is worse because by the time you get one spot acclimatised another is hot again. (Maree just suggested that might be related to the amount of skin a certain person might have.) So you see the weather is interesting, the shower is cold and the rain is hot. The water heater in our room is out of order and it seems too much trouble to complain as we will move on tomorrow.

Da Nang is a bit more provincial than HCMC. We decide to walk to the market today and missed a turn.

siesta is from 12 to 1 roughly

siesta is from 12 to 1 roughly

“Market, market?” we asked with a questioning gesture only to be met with a smile, a quizzical stare and shrugged shoulders.  This might be good for softening us up for when we really get off the beaten path in Laos.

We finally found the market and were pleased to find that it was not nearly as frenetic or pushy as HCMC. Surprisingly we found that no one was interested in bartering here either, and the supermarket across the road had fruit at a similar price anyway. marketmarket 2Da Nang also has the same manic road traffic only there are a few less of them most of the time.

Maree’s foot is steadily improving but because of the hazards of walking here we have not done a lot. bruisefootpathOr rather we have done a fair bit but not covered too much ground. We need to move very slowly because of the risk of turning her ankle again. You can see why when you see the state of the footpaths.

As it was raining on and off this morning we hired a car and driver for a drive out to Marble Mountain an China Beach, once an R’n’R hangout for American and Australian troops during the Vietnam War, it was here we could see the effects of Typhoon Ketsana which blew through two weeks ago. China Beach2Marble MountainClean up of shredded palm trees and debris was still underway but in the main everything is back to normal as far as we can see.

In the morning we will probably head for Hoi An just down the coast.




4 responses

16 10 2009

watch out for the pavements and better luck with the showers maybe a swim would be better! love mum

16 10 2009
Ruth and Jeff

Hi guys……..great to hear all your news, loved colourful documentries, your could do a TV series!! Glad to hear Maree’s ankle is improving and you’re able to hobble around but those footpaths – horrifiying!

Been praying for you especially the wonderful Tuesday night group. Excellent GLS summit today at Door of hope – high quality presentations. Everything OK here, weather warming up a bit. Haven’t had to water grass seeds as rains every day. Joshua coming to stay overnight Monday.
Pumbers came in re fixing pipes on side, haven’t heard from the ‘boat man’ – maybe this w/e.
Love from us all, will share your news with Marg McNair when we have lunch with her tomorrow.


16 10 2009

Hi Mum and Dad,
Thanks for the great updates, have helped get me one week closer to holidays.
That ankle looks really sore!
Your tales are only serving to reinforce Matthew’s opinion that travelling in SE Asia is not for him!
Is the heat sapping your energy?
Are you feeling like you can just chill out? Or is it all too busy and chaotic?
Obviously you are finding internet access OK, which is great for us to keep up with you.
Take Care,
Love, Tameika

18 10 2009
Roger and Maree

Actually we are enjoying the heat surprisingly. As long as noone asks us to dig a ditch. But ask again in another week. I only commented to mum tonight that I reacon we’ll be ready for a roast and baked vegies by the time we get home. Asian food’s great but….

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