Leaving Hanoi

21 10 2009

Just a quick update before we get picked up for the night train to Lao Cai. It may be difficult to find internet access over the next few days but for once we actually have an itinery ahead of time.

Just across from our hotel

Just across from our hotel

The train arives at Lao Cai at about 6am in the morning and from there we will be picked up and taken an hour or 2 to a guest ouse at Sapa where we stay for 2 nights before returning by train to Hanoi and then on by plane to Luang Prabang in Laos. We are all packed so we cant download photos of today but you can one of the sights that I pinched off the internet.  Just add cloud and smog.

I know we keep rabbiting on about the traffic but it is just so foreign to us.  However we are beginning to – I was just going to say ‘get used to it’  – but that’s really not the case. I think you could say we are just learning to manage it. When the brain is in neutral we still walk up to a street and expect the traffic to clear so we can cross. After a minute or 2 you suddenly engage the brain and realise it is not going to stop and you just have to launch out and wait for the traffic to move around us. We’ve found that generally speaking it is not even worth trying to hop around objects on the foot path here in Hanoi, we just join the buses, cars, trucks, motor bikes, push bikes and pedestrians and walk in the street. We realised we had made some progress at this tonight as we negotiated the traffic on our way to get a meal and observed a couple of tourists who were obviously more recently arrived than us. They stood for ages in the vain hope of seeing a break in the traffic before making a dash for it and nearly getting run down. And then another couple who stopped half way across the street and created havoc with the traffic flow because the default position when in the traffic is to always move at a steady pace because that is what the traffic expects.




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22 10 2009

I am tracking your progress by way of the internet and getting the images ..good travelling love mum

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