Siem Reap (4)

15 11 2009

Saturday 14th November 2009

blue butterflyThe days just seem to be slipping away. The internet connection in the guest house where we are staying has hardly worked at all since we arrived but we have been too lazy to move again just for the internet in spite of the fact that there are half a dozen alternatives within wifi range. And to get to the nearest high speed internet café takes at least 5 or 6 minutes so it all seems too hard. So sorry too much about the intermittent blog!green butterfly

Last night we had the pleasure of babysitting four delightful and busy children while their parents went out to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. The couple from Texas are serving as missionaries and have been in Cambodia since May. They have been doing it tough with all sorts of health issues including the mother and the four children (ages 4 to 9) contracting H1N1 flu virus and having to sweat it out in the local hospital with the air-conditioner turned off…


We weren't the only ones watching the butterflies!

Today we had lunch in a shady and colourful garden enclosed with hundreds of butterflies. We pretty much had the place to ourselves for most of lunch and it was quite special to have many and varied butterflies fluttering by displaying their glorious colours as we enjoyed a very tasty meal and cool drinks. The only trouble was that every time we put the camera down there was another photo opportunity…ohh it’s a tough gig but we’ll soldier on.Black Butterfly2

Passing a hair dresser today so I decided to check it out. I’m glad mine was only a beard trim. The guy behind me was being attacked with a cutthroat razor. Too much for my nerves!beard trim

Note Maree’s windswept look. The Tuk-Tuk drivers wear helmets but the passengers don’t, which is good for the breeze but not for the hairstyle.


Who's the monkey then?




2 responses

15 11 2009

gosh its hard life!! enjoy the butterflies their colours must be amazing.. has Maree has met a relation?? sorry ! love mum

16 11 2009
Roger and Maree

Glad you appreciate the sacrifices we are making here and the hardships of all the colour but I’m surprised you want to draw attention to the rellies considering…Ummmmm

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