Siem Reap (5)

16 11 2009

Sunday 15th November 2009

FamilyAfter a leisurely breakfast this morning we were picked up at 8.30 by our new friends the Weyel family, and together we headed to a local village about 20 minutes out of town. There we joined with Sokham and his family in a time of praise and sharing around God’s word. Sokham has only been a Christian for a few months and the Weyel’s have been discipling him and his wife. I was asked to bring a message and spoke about Jesus the bread of life from John 6. sharing the WordAs our perspiration slowly soaked our clothes in the high humidity, we sang of Jesus love and provision for life under an overcast sky with a thunderstorm threatening. It was a great blessing to share with these two families in such humble surroundings especially with several of the neighbours standing around us, drawn by curiousity at the sound of our singing and prayer. The message was somewhat laboured by the need to have it translated by Sokhom for his family and we trust for the edification of the neighbours.Sokhom's home

There was a reason we were meeting outside Sokhom’s unfinished house. Just the day before he had been approached by some local authorities and accused of not getting the proper building approval for modest improvements to his very basic house and the threat that it would be pulled down. There is a great deal of corruption amongst officials in Cambodia and everyone needs to be ‘paid off’ at each level of government for authority and or permission to be given for nearly anything. Even as we met, some uniformed authorities arrived but departed shortly after when they observed our presence.  Please pray with us for Sokhom, Srey My and their family as they face this real test of their faith.

Beth & EmilyThis afternoon while Maree and Rachel entertained the Weyel children in our hotel swimming pool, Joseph and I attended the Siem Reap International Christian Fellowship. Again it was a privilege and a blessing to share worship with such a wonderful and cosmopolitan cross section of the Body of Christ. (AND I knew all the songs with only one exception!)Jeremiah & William

We have finally decided to move on to Phnom Penh and leave by boat in the morning after a 6am pickup from our hotel. The trip will take about 5 hours with more than half of the journey down the lake before we travel through waterways that will take us the last few kilometres on the Mekong. We will hopefully let you know how that is tomorrow.

Beth, Emily, Jeremiah and William are the Weyel children who graciously allowed us to be surrogate grandparents for the week.




3 responses

16 11 2009

I am sure the love and the word will continue.. love mum

16 11 2009

“Hi Maree and Roger”
I was just washing up and wondered how you were both going. So pleased to see you are both well. I love your photos! I haven’t been on my computer lately to view your blog – You surely are having a once in a lifetime experience, not just for yourselves but for everyone who is fortunate enough to meet you both. An amazing couple doing amazing work in spreading the word of Jesus. God Bless you both.
Take care.
Asonia. -xx-

17 11 2009
Roger and Maree

It’s amazing what thoughts the washing up can inspire. Thanks for the encouragement Asonia. We trust you are all well. Maree and Roger.

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